Skill Bank Technical Assistance Program Policies

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Information Exchange:

The IACAA Skill Bank program is designed to assist any CAA Executive Director who requires assistance for a problematic situation.

The Skill Bank is a centralized statewide mechanism to collect, store and make accessible to member agencies any information relating to management, operations and programs. The Association library loans materials, - books, videos, manuals, tapes, etc.- and provides access to computer networks.

The Skill Bank also facilitates and supports certain types of trainings, technical assistance and peer exchange programs.

The resources of member agencies, state government, the academic community and professional consultants will be offered and utilized to assist member agencies to improve operations in the following areas:

Due to the high turnover of agency Board members, advisory council and staff, the Skill Bank will address the training needs of member agencies in these subjects:


Under the Training and Professional Development Committee, a Skill Bank Sub-Committee will be appointed by the Board President. The committee will function only when a request other than those specified are made for Skill Bank assistance, or an application for assistance is refused by the Executive Director and a review is requested. The members of the sub-committee will include the Board President, Executive Director, three non-board member executive directors and one alternate. The Chair of this sub-committee will be the Chair of the Training and Professional Development Committee. To avoid the appearance of conflict of interest, the alternate serves when a committee member's agency is involved in the request.

Training and Technical Assistance

Training and Technical Assistance can be provided by the Skill Bank both within the network and with outside expertise. Any requests for training and technical assistance by IACAA staff or by DCCA staff is a part of IACAA's/DCCA's job responsibilities and is not a monetary function of the Skill Bank. These services are provided without cost to the requesting agency. If the training expertise is identified as staff within the network and such training is outside their job responsibilities and duties, the Skill Bank comes into play and assists with the arrangements and reimbursements (for expenses not salary).

When a member agency requests specific training or technical assistance that requires expertise not available within the network, the Skill Bank may contract for the service. This usage will be monitored by IACAA because the services may be exclusive and to ensure maximum efficiency of the resources. The contracting here would ordinarily include full expense (salary/fee included). Skill Bank assistance can also be requested when the local agency is in corporate jeopardy, i.e., the loss of the executive director or a fiscal officer, or if an agency's program is in jeopardy.

Peer Exchange Programs

Peer Exchange is a valued function. By sharing the expertise within member agencies with others agencies, services to clients can be improved. The network includes member agencies, DCCA's Division of Economic Opportunity and related organizations which are funded by DCCA/DEO to work with community action agencies. Expertise is identified within this network (such as manager, fiscal officer, program coordinator, computer technician, etc.) and is loaned through Skill Bank orchestration to a requesting agency. The Skill Bank is funded to find and arrange the technical assistance match and to offset expensed (travel, per diem, incidentals not salary) to the lending agency.

Category of Services

IACAA is responsible for surveying member agencies and developing a catalog organized by areas of assistance skills and expertise. IACAA will also develop and include in the catalog a list of external resources to assist in improving the educations, developmental and programmatic functions of the member agencies.

Limitations on Assistance

Each member agency receives services requested and provided through Skill Bank free of charge.

Payments will made only to member agencies and not to individual employees. Travel expenses will be based on standard regulations. Peer exchange services will be limited to $100 per day per employee plus expenses (travel, per diem, lodging).

There is a $2000 per year limit for an agency's request for Skill Bank assistance. Additional assistance may be appropriated, if funds are available.

The Skill Bank will not assume the full costs to expenses for training and technical assistance. The Skill Bank is intended to alleviate partial costs for member agencies.

Application for Assistance

In order to have a clear audit trail, Skill Bank applications must be fully completed. In addition to general information requested in the Skill Bank application, a narrative with brief description is requested. After receipts and/or documents are received by the Association, the agency will be reimbursed for the amount requested.